Our experienced and visionary engineers use digital simulation technology pioneered by the aerospace industry to help companies explore an unlimited variety of innovative packaging solutions. The result is packaging that works incredibly and looks beautiful while cutting waste, lowering cost and speeding time to market.



Reduced Prototyping and Testing Costs

Digital simulation lets you explore and test more designs without the cost of building physical prototypes.


Reduced Material and Logistics Costs

As one example, our designs currently help clients save more than 1,000 tons of plastic material a year. Even a slight reduction can mean substantial savings in raw materials and shipping costs.

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Reduced CO² footprint

Together we can discover and explore many ways to reduce your product’s environmental impact: lightweighting, using more recyclable materials, optimizing logistics and using less energy in the manufacturing process.

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Speed Time the Market

Creating and testing accurate virtual designs is much quicker than building physical models, so you can be on shelves sooner.

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Risk Identification and Elimination

With digital simulation, we can subject your packaging to a vast range of real world tests to guarantee they’ll function properly and stand up to the rigors found at all stages of the product’s lifecycle.

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Improved Consumer Experience

Ensure your customers’ happiness by maximizing a product’s appearance, ergonomics, ease of use and functionality.

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More Impactful Design

With the ability to explore more options virtually, your designers can push the envelope on what packaging can be, resulting in truly eye-catching and memorable designs.

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Quality assurance

Predict and prove how a package will function and meet the quality standards even before the prototype is made.

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Manufacturing Logisitics

Ensure your innovations will hold up throughout production from manufacturing, filling and conveying through stacking, pallet transporting and shelf stability.

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