Developing “digital twins” for all types of packages

Pack 3.0 uses prototyping software and technology that was originally created to meet the incredibly detailed and exacting standards of the aerospace and automotive industries. We are pioneering the use of this advanced method for testing packaging and, in the hands of our experienced engineers, the potential is remarkable.

This advanced technology can test performance, identify weak spots and investigate improvements to your designs. You’ll not only see what works, but find ways it can work even better.

With Pack 3.0, you’ll be able to make sure packaging meets all functional and technical requirements such as:

Logistical requirements
stacking, pallet transport, shipping.

Production requirements
forming, conveying, filling.

Store shelf requirements
stability, tamper-evidence, drop tests.

CSD container requirements
C02 pressure, creep,.

Consumer use requirements
stability, ease of opening, grip..

Sensitive product container requirements
vacuum, squeeze, pressure. 

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Our lab equipment and testing facilities

Machine for packaging test and digital simulation validation

lab pack 3.0

Material characterization (all packaging materials)

Material characterization (all packaging materials)

Thermal control chambers

lab pack 3.0

Embedded sensors (Pressure, Temperature)

Embedded sensors (Pressure, Temperature)

Measuring devices (physical & thermal)

Measuring devices (physical & thermal)

Latest investment by Pack 3.0: a unique thermoforming pilot machine 

  • Flexible 
  • Small scale production 
  • Fully instrumented 
  • Industrial settings
  • Scientific
  • Support digital simulation programs

A worldwide unique thermoforming pilot machine

lab pack 3.0 digital simulation

contact plates heating digital simulation packaging

Contact plates heating

infrared heating digital simulation packaging

Infrared heating